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Free Help Desk Software
open source customer service system

The Help Desk Lite is very simple and free help desk software what provides two major functions every customer service system must support: service ticket tracking and operator assignment. It is a CGI script written in Perl and it is intended for those, who prefer corresponding with customers using their favorite email program rather than through completely web based help desk. This open source customer service software enhances your email based workflow via

Customizable mail forms. You may create as many customer service form templates as you need. Each contact form may have as many data fields as required in order to collect all relevant information.

Ticket tracking. The help desk software ensures that every customer inquiry is assigned unique tracking number, what may be referred to in follow-up correspondence.

Operator assignment. Have you ever happened to be writing an e-mail reply to a customer inquiry and by the time you have hit send button, another member of your team has already dealt with the problem? It happens all the time because generic email system is not intended to operate in a "groupware" mode. The help desk software eliminates the problem, as it requires claiming an ownership over a ticket before ever starting to compose an answer and ensures that no ticket may be assigned to more than one operator.

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Note: The HelpDesk Lite is downloadable software. To use it you must install the package on your web server. If you do not want installing software on your server or your hosting provider does not allow installing user programs, you may consider using Smart Answer - our hosted customer service software. Smart Answer features trouble tickets, live help and embedded customer database. The system is deployed on distributed failover cluster. Instant help desk activation with free trail.

How does it work?

With Help Desk Lite creating a trouble ticket is as easy as submitting a web form and it is exactly what happens first.

Step 1. Customer clicks on "contact us" link placed on your html pages and arrives to the customer service form, what is prepared by the help desk software. After filling in contact info, inquiry text and (optional) your custom fields the customer submits contact form and is presented with confirmation page showing the unique tracking number. At the same moment an email notification is being sent to a broadcast email address, ensuring all operators (service agents) were informed about new ticket submission.

Step 2. An operator logs into the web based help desk, selects the inquiry from the list of pending service tickets and claims responsibility over it. The help desk software immediately removes taken ticket from the pending queue and a copy of the message is being emailed to the operator as if it was sent directly from the customer's computer. At this point operator may start composing a response using his/her favorite mailer program with a single click on "reply" button.

To put it simple, the Help Desk Lite captures a customer inquiry and releases it to the operator, which was the first to claim an ownership over the ticket. It is the entry level script in our and is an ideal solution for service agents that do not have a permanent connection to the Internet. We also suggest using an online file storage service that will let you store important documents without the risk of losing your work.

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Which help desk software package is right for you?

The section provides side by side evaluation of 3 popular customer service packages.

See the Help Desk Lite in action on our demo site.

  • Email alerts on every new customer inquiry.

  • Custom fields. Add virtually unlimited number of custom fields to your mail forms.

  • Unlimited operators. Supports as many service agents as your business needs.

  • Multiple inquiry forms. Define as many customer service forms templates as you need.

  • Source code available. The software is written in Perl, only standard libraries used.

Need more features?

Contact us for custom programming quote, or look for more features in our free trouble ticket software or remotely hosted web based help desk.

  • Hosting account with CGI scripting enabled. Both Unix and Windows NT servers are fully supported.

  • Access to sendmail or smtp relay.


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